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Quirky Giveaways with Quiddity

November 20, 2011

Quirky Giveaways with Quiddity.


WIN a bag from the BAG FINDER!

November 16, 2011

WIN a bag from the BAG FINDER!.

Walking with the Devil + Romwe Giveaway!

November 1, 2011

Visit this site now for a chance to win Romwe goodies! Walking with the Devil + Romwe Giveaway!.

Movies for all time

July 31, 2011

I’m a hopeless bummer these days and I have been staying indoors for God knows when. I am usually found in front of my computer and doing some random stuffs over the net. Whenever I get tired of having to deal with some useless internet junks, I’ll spend time playing with the dogs and talking with them. Yeah, you heard it right, I talk with my dogs. Most of the times during weekdays, I am all alone in the house with only the dogs tinkering around. So it’s almost like I’m in the brink of madness in here. haha!

Anyway, I still haven’t ran out of things to do while I’m all alone at home. I still got some books to plunge on and some movies to catch. I have downloaded enough movies to fill all these downer days of mine. These are some of the movies I have downloaded:

I still have so many movies in my mind and downloading all these is never a hassle. I’ve got the fastest and amazing movie downloader that helps me throughout the process. I makes downloading a lot easier and hassle-free. It’s really one of the best movie downloader I have ever encountered. So check it out here.

Freedom from a relationship, overrated

July 25, 2011
Freedom from love as well-defined

Being freed from a relationship will often provoke some feelings of disgust and resentfulness, if not, faux pleasure, about the onece-awesome-now turned-miserably-sad situation. You always tell yourself, or at least to someone, that it feels good and that now you all have the freedom you’ve always dreamed of having, when in reality, just a total lie and part of the awful truth. We all want commitment. All our life, we’ve always been dreaming to have that “magical moment” to someone who sweeps us off our feet. We always dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding, and dreams of someone who’s gonna grow old with us and not some kind of stupid and gibberish freedom. Who wants to spend the rest of their lives alone? Keep pretending that the are having the time of their life partying with some random people out there. If we travel and go to beautiful places, we always imagine of someone who’s there with us, witnessing the whole beauty around us, when it’s not really the beauty of the surroundings that we are celebrating but real beauty of love and having someone to spend it with.

I didn’t want it to be this way.

It’s better eating half a burger than eating it whole alone. Better to be stuck in a traffic for hours than riding it all the way by a train. Better to be filled with darkness than gleaming with lights but empty. Everything is just far better than having to spend the happy days of your life alone.

But this way, far better.

I don’t want to sound like an expert of love here, but these are just the juices of my unconstrained thoughts.

Location, Location, Location

June 24, 2011

I could have kissed you

under cherry blossoms,

pale petals drifting down

like the trees wanted to

pretend they could be


I could have kissed you

in the rain, drenched to

our bones and not even

caring that the skies

opened up above us

and tried to wash us out.

I could have kissed you

in a clearing in the most

secluded woods, with

just the sound of wind

rustling through the leaves

and a few voyeuristic

finches peeping at us.

Instead, I kissed you

in the parking lot of a

Waffle House, just shy

of 2 a.m. in the middle

of a hectic week, with

our waitress grinning

at us from the other

side of the window,

because, honestly,

how could I not?

(c) Gabriel Gadfly

Katrina’s crazy adventures

June 16, 2011

As a child, dressing-ups are part of my childhood activities. I used to mix and match outfits, rummage the cabinets of my mom and sister to find something  cute to wear. I’m fascinated with boots, colorful leggings and other extraordinary stuffs. Using long, knee-high socks as an alternative for boots is insane, and using camera film containers as the boots’ heels is insanely ludicrous! haha! Well, that was just some childhood crazy stuffs.

Growing up, I realized that it’s not really easy to live in this conformist community. People are going to judge you unfairly, they expect you to behave in the most modest way you can ever imagine and requires you to do things their way. Well as for me, I have been a very slightly obedient child. haha!

Moving forward to the real thought of this post, I just really wanted to do things my way right now. I’m trying to live with this crazy adventures I call, uhm, crazy adventures! lol. Well, you know, I just really love to do dress-ups and I’m making it as productive as I can by posting them up all over the web. Yes, I just dont want you to judge everything that I do because all of this were just the effects of bumhood. Everything I wear is an inspiration of my inner fantasy, a combination of atypical trends and outfits that I should have been wearing.

Well, here are some pictures in which you might think bad taste of a fashion trend, but, I just dont really care! As long as I get to express what’s inside me and my own taste of style.

These are just some little crazy adventures of mine and nothing more beyond that line. 🙂

You can find more of my crazy stuffs if you click here.